6 Steps to Starting an Indie Nail Polish Line


Part 1

Starting your own branded nail polish line is an exciting venture! There is so much to think about in terms of logistics that your mind can become cluttered.  Where do I start? What do I do to get sales?

How do I make my brand stand out from the OPI’s and Essie’s of the world?

Here at OC Minx Cosmetics, we share tips and effective sales techniques to get your business started on the fast track!

Below is our TOP 6 list of tips we offer to get your idea off of the drawing board and on the fingertips of your customers!

1- What Does Your Brand Stand For? For most people, they have a passion or a goal in mind when starting their line. This answer is your WHY…your STORY. There may be a compelling reason that you wanted to start your polish line. It could be a childhood dream, your desire to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit, you may see a void in the market, or you have the goal of giving to a charity. Whatever your reason, you will want to clearly define it! This is the beginning of your STORY, and the driving force behind your brand and what makes it different.


2- Define Your Marketing Niche. Now that you have defined what your brand is about, it will be pretty straightforward to figure out who you want to reach so they can buy your products.  Who are the people who share your passion, support your cause, or who can benefit from your nail polish line? Why is this important you ask?  You want to choose your company name, logo design, polish colors, color names, marketing materials and marketing streams based upon your brand! Here is the truth:  People will buy your nail polish because of what you stand for AND because you have a great line-up of pretty colors in a great bottle.  So think about who you want to buy your nail polish and use this as the guiding thought in making your decisions about how to develop your line and represent your product.


3- Create a Pitch! Do you know what makes your polish line different? If asked, can you state why your defined customers should buy from you? Once you have explained the “non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan formula, with rich colors” attributes, you want to talk about the “story” part of your brand. Roll this into an easy to understand statement. See two examples below:

Spotlight: Harmony Nail polish is created for our day spa. Our spa is about relaxation, renewal and mindfulness. Our colors are created in collections, with each collection named after a mood, with color sets chosen to create harmony. You can paint your nails with one of each color in a collection to create a beautiful ombre effect.

Spotlight: Dolce Nail Polish is all about what is sweet. I have a background as a pastry chef, and I have crossed my love for baking into a nail polish. The colors are rich and decadent, all named after a dessert.

This week, think about your brand and what your nail polish line will stand for. Next, articulate this into an easy flowing, yet meaningful brand statement! Visit us next week for Part 2 of How to Start your Indie Nail Polish Line.

Spotlight: I remember when I first stepped out to a women’s meeting to launch my nail polish line. You see, I started making nail polish and selling it to others before evolving into OC Minx Cosmetics. People would ask me. “What makes your nail polish different? Once I explained the “non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan formula, with rich colors” attributes, my answer stalled. What made my polish REALLY STAND OUT? I finally was able to articulate that answer after thinking a bit about my story (see tip #1) I was a manicurist in Laguna Beach and I had a love for the natural beauty of the area. I wanted to capture the feeling in a bottle! All of the colors had a micro-fine glitter dust and were very reflective. My target audience was locals and tourists of Laguna Beach. CA . Every color was named after a street or point of interest along the Pacific Coast Hwy. 

The OC Minx

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